Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.  -Virginia Woolf

The Raw Me

The Raw Me is an active blog where I express whatever moves me. It could be a political rant, a book review, or an anecdotal story. I hope that my writings inspire you, and if they don't then, at the least they entertain you. Displayed here are the most recent posts. Click on the link to take you to my blog for more reading.

Published in Bend Magazine!

Super excited to share my article that’s been published in Bend Magazine. I love this community-oriented publication and am proud to now be a part of it. It’s a super quick read so please take a moment and give it a once over. Tell me what you think! Writer, world traveler, volunteer, and a champion for the underdog I believe in one love, equality, doing the right thing no matter how difficult it seems, and the indisputable need to care for the planet and everything that lives on it. I'm trying


Did you ever think that the last time you had sex would be the last time you had sex? I asked this of a male friend of mine who hadn’t had been intimate for six years. I knew someone else for whom it’d been eight years, probably nine now. For me, it’d been over two, and I was struggling with that reality. None of us were actively seeking celibacy but it seemed to be the way things played out. The worst part for me was that the last time wasn’t even good. Certainly not what I wanted to have as th

Why I’ll Never Be Vegan

I was raised eating meat. Forced to eat it even though I mostly didn’t like it. Not because my mom was a bad cook, in fact, just the opposite. I just never liked meat, even as a small child. OK, bacon is tasty, but honestly, who doesn’t like bacon? And my mom’s Italian Beef was awesome, but mostly because of the loaf bread it lay on that was soaked with the savory gravy. When we had a roast, I only wanted the end piece; it was small and had all the seasoning on it. It’s the same reason I liked

Is Your Stimulus Check Really Stimulating?

I’m not a spender. Growing up wearing hand me downs, being afraid to ask my mother for money, and having spent the majority of my life not being able to “keep up with the Jones’s” made me frugal. Having expensive taste but not the income to support it taught me to save for what I really wanted instead of wasting my money and settling for a cheaper, more disposable substitute. Age and travel altered my priorities. I prefer the freedom that comes with having good credit and no debt. Nowadays I rar

If Variety is Good Why is Diversity Bad?

Variety is the spice of life, or so the saying goes. It must be true. It’s why some people cheat on their partners, or why people get excited with new and fresh styles in all classifications of the arts. It’s why the arrival of yellow and purple carrots created quite a stir of delight in kitchens around the world. We seek it in our diets, fashion, and lives. Could you imagine if you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life? What if there was only one type of cheese, or everyone wo

Community In Action

I’ve lived in a lot of states throughout the US; mostly in the suburbs of big cities where most people were all about themselves. Here, it’s 130 miles over the mountains and through the woods to the nearest big city. Until now, never had I experienced living someplace where there was a true sense of community. Not only do the residents consciously support locally owned businesses, but many go out of their way to avoid places and products that are sell-outs, like a local brewery that sold out to

One Love

I’m tired of hearing about yet another senseless killing of an innocent black man. I’m dumbfounded that, as advanced as Americans are in science and technology, many are still psychologically stunted in the Jim Crow era. We know that racism is learned and not innate. There are examples everywhere that show how young children don’t even see the color of ones skin. So I began to wonder, when exactly, does this happen? Of course, if a family is racist, it begins at birth. But what about children b

What’s Next is a blog that I wrote from 2014-2016, written for my friends and family to keep them updated on my around-the-world travels. It reads more as a story, telling about my adventures with occasionally recurring people. 

What's Next?

So it is with great excitement that I begin a new chapter in my life: one of carrying my belongings on my back, sleeping on lumpy twin mattress at hostels, struggling through language barriers and meeting a lot of new people. But first a scenic trip across country to safely deliver my son to his West Coast destination. I look forward to you joining me on this adventure, for in this virtual world we are never really very far apart.
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