Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.  -Virginia Woolf

One Word at a Time

One Word at a Time is an active blog where I express whatever moves me. It could be a political rant, a book review, or an anecdotal story. I hope that if my writings don't inspire you, at the least, they entertain you. Displayed here are the most recent posts. Click on the link to take you to my blog for more reading.

A Stitch in Time

This morning, when I finished my shower, the tub was filled with water. It was still draining, but very slowly. I decided to give my dad a project (he loves to have projects to do). As he plunged the drain in the bathtub, the toilet started to gurgle up the funky water from the pipe between it and the tub. So he took the plunger to the toilet. He was nearly working up a sweat as he repeatedly worked to clear the bathroom channels. Suddenly, loud gurgling sounds could be heard from the kitchen si

A Book Review: Strength in What Remains—A journey of remembrance and forgiveness by Tracy Kidder

I picked up this book because I liked the title. I didn’t know anything about it. I was at a difficult time in my life, hoping to find in it a prescription, a telling transfer of wisdom that would enable me to reach that dark place in my psyche and bring it into the light. It was the last, lingering bit of darkness but it seemed to overshadow my life. But how do you forgive someone who isn’t remorseful and doesn’t ask for your forgiveness? What I found with this book was something completely dif

I Was Almost Murdered

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I fight for the underdog. Apparently I do it even if they’re not around. I guess that’s because I’m all about the principle. When I’m not traveling I’ve been staying in Florida with my dad. Not the cool, beach-y, touristy Florida that has trendy bars and restaurants on every street, but the middle-of-nowhere, surrounded-by-strip-malls-and-highways, Florida. It’s where Floridians live. I’m not a fan of Florida. It’s too hot, humid, flat, sandy, and

What’s Next is a blog that I wrote from 2014-2016, written for my friends and family to keep them updated on my around-the-world travels. It reads more as a story, telling about my adventures with occasionally recurring people. 

What's Next?

So it is with great excitement that I begin a new chapter in my life: one of carrying my belongings on my back, sleeping on lumpy twin mattress at hostels, struggling through language barriers and meeting a lot of new people. But first a scenic trip across country to safely deliver my son to his West Coast destination. I look forward to you joining me on this adventure, for in this virtual world we are never really very far apart.
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